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I have a Label node with outlined text that I want to be slightly transparent (I'm altering this using the "modulate" tab). Upon lowering the opacity of outlined text, you see this ugly inner outline shown below.

How do you get transparent text without this weird inner stroke? Photoshop has options like "outer stroke" and "inner stroke", but I can't find any options like this in Godot.

Some text at 100% opacity and then the same font/outline at 50% opacity

Godot version 3.4.2.stable
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I don't have that Issue. Maybe you can try another font?

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try this:

$Label.modulate.a = .5

For whatever your label is called. That should be 50% transparent.

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You didn't read my question.

Well I did.

And I tried my answer and it shows the text as slightly transparent.

Like this

Or am I missing the point?

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