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hi, i'm having trouble changing the shader parameter from gdscript. i know this might be a silly question but it is a huge headache for me, so i'm asking it here

here are my scenes

1) container:
enter image description here
the stars node has a script attached which has the following code

func _ready():
    for i in range(10):
        var instance = star_scene.instance()

2) star:
enter image description here
the star node has a script attached which has the following line in the _ready function
enter image description here
the texturerect node has a material setup like this
enter image description here

the star.shader file just has this

void fragment() {
    COLOR.rgb = col.rgb;

when i run the game, all star nodes have the same color, i want them to have separate color
i have made the shadermaterial unique, still the problem persists

Godot version Godot_v3.4-stable_win64
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I hated this problem in Godot before, now I can gladly share sollution :). There is another parameter required to allow resources to be unique. Look at your 5th posted image, there is Resource tab. Choose it and tag "localtothe_scene".

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this worked! thank you so much

Exactly what I needed!

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