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Hello, I was trying to connect the signal "body_entered" to a function in the same struct but i can't do that because i get the following error:

the trait bound `&mut SpeedArea: AsArg<gdnative::prelude::Object>` is not satisfied
the trait `AsArg<gdnative::prelude::Object>` is not implemented for `&mut SpeedArea`

This is my code:

use gdnative::{prelude::*, api::Area2D, api::PhysicsBody2D};

pub struct SpeedArea {}

impl SpeedArea {
    pub fn new(_owner: &Area2D) -> Self {
        Self {}

    fn _ready(&mut self, owner: &Area2D) {
        owner.connect("body_entered", owner, "destroy_node", VariantArray::new_shared(), 0).unwrap();

    fn destroy_node(&mut self, owner: &Area2D, body: Ref<PhysicsBody2D>) {

Godot version 3.4
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