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I deleted a scene and a couple files, they were connected to my player scene using inheritance and autoloading code. After deleting it, None of the levels using the player scene states

"Scene 'res://Movement.tscn' has broken dependencies:

Idek was just a timer, I'm so confused
How do i fix this

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I never deleted scene like that but this can't be too hard to fix. Doesn't compiller show You remaining dependencies in player script? Surely You reference Idek somewhere there, like get_node or connect() or preload() ? Was there something You inherited player from - stop extending from it. And You can clear remnants of idek form Autoload, no ?

You must have a mention of the timer in the scene mentioned. Have you checked the script? Did you have a signal set up to a function from the deleted timer?

It says it's missing the dependencies and I can't get the file back and it won't let me access the scene to find out because it states "Unexpected end of file 'Movement.tscn".

can't You access just the script of the scene ?

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I have figured it out.

what I had to do was edit the scene in Notepad++ and delete the inheritance and the part of the scene that used it.

What I deleted:

  1. [ext_resource path="res://Test/idek.tscn" type="PackedScene" id=17]

  2. [node name="Label" parent="Camera2D/Main UI" instance=ExtResource( 17 )]
    anchortop = 0.0
    bottom = 0.0
    margintop = 0.0
    bottom = 106.0

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