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This might have been answered multiple times before, but i can't find any good answers

When interpolating TextureProgress's value property through Tween the tweening doesn't work. I've checked multiple tutorials and everything in my code seems ok. Is there any reason why Tween doesn't animate TextureProgress's value? The value changes only at the end of the Tween.

Godot version 3.4
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It should work. Show your code, scene tree hierarchy scheme and notice if there were any errors during tweening in console. Mistake in path will not make project crash.

make sure you start() the tween! It should work, i usually find that people (including me) forget to start the tween.

I do start the tween, and as i said it simply just snaps to the value after the interpolate's amount of time passes instead of slowly transitioning to it.

didn't You mess up floats with integers ?

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