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I have 2 Area2D's that collide, say a large square and small square, once they touch, this invokes the areaentered signal as soon as the small square is completely inside the large square the areaexited signal is invoked.

I am wondering is this is expected behavior or should area_exited invoke only when they are no longer overlapping?


Godot version 3.4.1
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Maybe could you show us a detailed log with what signal is emitted and received from where, what area's or body's are involved ? Have you check the shapes of each area to be sure they are where they shoulb be ?

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This is a weird case. It shouldn't invoke area exited because the collision shapes are still colliding. I have two ideas on what to do. Check if the signals are actually areaentered and areaexited. If they are set to areaentered and bodyexited, It wont react the same. Make sure that the signals are areaentered and areaexited. If that doesn't work, Try resetting the collision shapes. I'm new to Godot and this hasn't happened to me before but I believe it's the functions. If not, Which Area2D is invoking area_exited?

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