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This might be a dumb question - but after hours of googling and checking for ways to do it in-engine, including documentation, I have not found a an answer, I know you guys work hard on this engine and the last thing I want to do is waste anyone's time, but I'm actually lost after what I assumed would be an easy obstacle to get over.

Example, I have a tileset, let's say for a platformer - some ground/dirt tiles. I put them all down, it's looking good. Half a year later, I add some more variations to the same tilesets, I setup the priorities for the tiles that share bitmask. One problem - my existing tiles already made into several maps won't have any of the new tiles. Is there a way to shuffle/update the already laid out tiles?

Godot version 3.4 Stable
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A few days later, I've found a way. I'm leaving the question up as someone else might stumble upon this issue and find this. Solution:

Highlight the tilemap you're wanting to 'shuffle' - pick the tileset, obviously have priority turned on. Hold Ctrl + Shift and rightclick, this will mark an area for deletion, but don't let go of right click, hover over the tiles you want to shuffle, and go back to where you started. This resets all the tiles priorities and recalculates them.

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