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I want to dynamically call a variable in a custom function. I tried:

func custom_function():
var one_test: 0
var two_test: 0
var three_test: 0

print(some_global_variable + "_test")       #would print : one_test
var current = get(some_global_variable + "_test")
print(current)      #Prints: Null

get() just returns null. Is there a way to call the variables within the method dynamically?

Godot version 3.4
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Thats right, get() does not work for in-method variables. I had similar problem some time ago, I am pretty sure You can also replace this code structure with signals( calling one method, but have different binded arguments ) or by having multiple methods(func onetest(),func twotest()) and using call() dynamically

So get is a function of Object with custom_function being also

It seems obviously ridiculous to want function a to get variabes from funtion b without exposing them somehow

get() is used when you don't know whether an object has a member variable or not e.g.:

if object.get("cool_variable"):

In your case you always know what function variables you have because you define them in the function so it doesn't make sense forget() to find them.

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