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I have a fresh installation of the latest version of Godot, Windows 10 (64 bit) with all updates installed, a Yoga 900 laptop and a couple of Android devices (4.3 and 6.0) that I'm trying to get remote debugging working on. My firewall is disabled. Each time I deploy the app with the Android button, an error message pops up in the output window saying that the connection failed and that it'll retry in one second. The status is number 2 and no further messages of this kind are logged which leads me to believe that it doesn't retry. The actual problem is that debugging doesn't work - no breakpoints ever get hit. When running locally the same breakpoints get hit as expected. The output window does display the log and print messages however. I've tried both with ADB reversing and without, on two different phones. Older Godot versions don't seem to solve the issue.

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I followed this tutorial http://codetuto.com/2016/06/godot-engine-remote-debug-live-edit/ and it works for me. Did you turn on Remote Debug Over adb in editor settings and enable usb debugging in developer phone settings? It is supposed to work on Android 5.0 and higher.

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