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Hi. The PhysicsServer class allows me to create rigid bodies and applying force to them etc. without creating nodes.

Question is: How do I remove/delete a body I created via PhysicsServer.create_body?? There is no PhysicsServer.remove_body(). You can only remove shapes. I am using this for projectiles. A minute into the game, with hundreds or thousands of bodies having been created in this way the engine starts choking. I want to be able to remove a body after, say, It has flown an x distance away from its spawn position. How do I 'free' a physicsserver body??

Godot version 3.4
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You need queue_free()

so the code would be something like

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It's not a rigid body. It's not even a node. It's a RID. queue_free doesn't work with RIDs in physics servers.

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