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Hello, I cannot choose a jarsigner in my editor settings.

Here is an image of my settings:

Godot version 3.4.
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Good question, I have the same problem.

I use a .bat to sign my android program. Must be done manually after compilation.

jarsigner -verbose -keystore debug.keystore -storepass android -keypass android yourprogram.apk androiddebugkey
adb install yourprogram.apk

You must set Jarsigner's path in your Environment Variables.

It can help you for the moment.

Regards, Foreman21.

I have the same problem
I can export an apk from Godot but it won't run
So i check with jarsigner and it is not signed
Then if i manually sign apk form cmd it runs
So what to do i can't specifu jarsigner path in Godot, did everuthing else?enter image description here

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In Godot 3.3 and later, you don't set the path to adb and jarsigner manually anymore. Instead, you specify the Android Sdk Path which should point to the root folder of your Android SDK installation. This way, you only have to specify one path instead of two.

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I specified that path, but when i tried to run it in android studio's virtual device i got this error:

The application could not be installed:

I also tried the android button in Godot but got the same problem.

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