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I know I can download the godot docs in a html format but I want to know if I convert these to a pdf in order to read them on an ebook reader have I breached any terms or conditions? I cannot find anything to tell me either way in the documentation.

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Creative Commons CC0, you're good to go without a worry in the world. Also, take it as read that the Gods of Godot approve of it.

Actually, I think making the docs into an ebook is a great idea. I'll see if I can run it past someone clever.

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Thanks. If it helps the tools I used in Linux (debian) are;

whhtmltopdf = converts html to pdf
pdfunite = combines pdfs together

I put all the htmls in a file and numbered them to put them in the order i wanted then i ran the following two lines

for i in *.html; do whhtmltopdf "$i" "${i%.html}.pdf" ; done

which converts all the pages to the same named pdf files then

pdfunite *.pdf GodotAllPages.pdf

which combines them all together as a document called GodotAllPages. It didnt take my PC very long and if you wanted to do it regularily you could just put it all in a script to run.

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