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I was working on the networking on the UI

func _on_player_connected(id):
    var Globals.player2ID= id
    var setup = preload("res://screens/Setup.tscn")

and i keep getting this error:

Parse Error: The identifier "Globals" isn't declared in the current scope.

I just set up Globals.gd before I made the menu

var player2ID= 1

Can it connect to Globals?

Godot version Godot 3.4
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In case when player2ID is constant (not variable)

If you haven't autoloaded Globals.gd, autoload it. After autoloaded it, set class name on the top of the script like this.

extends ~~~
class_name Globals

const player2ID = 1

Now you can access that as global scope variable.

In case player2ID is variable...

It's possible if only node that containing Globals.gd script and node that containing script that has _on_player_connected(id) are instanced in the Scene.get reference from one node to another node and you can set/get the value.

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