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I have a script wich plays multible animations after each other, but if I execute it, it plays every animation at once. (Note that the animation sequence is changing everytime it executes)
How can i wait until the animation is finished and then call the next animation?

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Connect the AnimationPlayer's "finished" signal to a function, that starts the next animation!
For example:

onready var player = get_node("AnimationPlayer")

func _ready():
    player.connect("finished", self, "playNextAnim")

func playNextAnim():
    if(player.get_current_animation() == "anim_1"):
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Brilliantly simple. Nice

In Godot 3.3 , the callback is "animationfinished", and passes in a parameter 'animname'... i had to pass that into the playNextAnim above, as my 'player.getcurrentanimation() would return an empty string on finished'

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Somewhere In the official docs, there's your answer in the yield function:

yield( get_node("AnimationPlayer"), "finished" )

For your example, it'll look like :

onready var player = get_node("AnimationPlayer")

func do_my_animation_sequence:
    yield( player, "finished" )
    yield( player, "finished" )
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I found that the line below cannot work now:

yield(get_node("AnimationPlayer"), "finished")

But this code works:

yield(get_node("AnimationPlayer"), "animation_finished")

I test in Godot 3.0.6.

That is because in Godot 3, the "finished" signal has been changed to "animationfinished".
So "finished" should work for Godot 2 and "animation
finished" for Godot 3

Cool, now have a hitting animation! Thanks!

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You can create a function to lock the animation and call it from the animation track.

var animation_is_active = false

func _process(delta):
    if Input.is_action_just_pressed("ui_attack") and not animation_is_active: 

# Method called in first key (true) and last key (false) of the animation track
func activate_animation(state): 
    animation_is_active = state
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