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i want develop mobile game only problem, different screen sizes and resolution, how to handle these in godot,
it would grt help if someone directs me,

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I am use:

configuration.screen_width = get_viewport_rect().size.width
configuration.screen_height = get_viewport_rect().size.height
configuration.aspect_ratio = configuration.screen_width / configuration.screen_height
if (configuration.aspect_ratio < 1) : configuration.scale_ratio = configuration.screen_height / configuration.screen_height_max
else : configuration.scale_ratio = configuration.screen_width / configuration.screen_width_max
get_node("LoadSplash").set_pos(Vector2(configuration.screen_width/2, configuration.screen_height/2))
get_node("LoadSplash").set_scale(Vector2(configuration.scale_ratio, configuration.scale_ratio))
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thnx VitaZheltyakov for helping me out, what about the assets should be creating for each resolution?

Your assets should be good. All you need to do is scale down the root node (which always have a viewport in it), and that will scale down your whole screen, assets and all.

For a short demonstration of this, and a shorter method, watch this tutorial:

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