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An adhoc signed export can not be run on ARM macOS. It works on my intel mac, but a tester reports that it won't launch on an ARM mac... macOS claims the application "xyz" can not be launched. Is this supposed to work? Is there a specific configuration to get a runable build for ARM macOS?

Godot version 3.4.0
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If you want the application to be runnable without bypassing any dialogs, it needs to be codesigned and notarized (which also implies using a hardened runtime, among other things). See Exporting on macOS in the documentation.

If you want the application to be runnable after bypassing warning dialogs, you need to ad-hoc sign it and instruct users how to bypass the dialog.

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I'm fine with bypassing gatekeeper for now, these are just test builds.

The problem is that on an ARM mac, the normal gatekeeper dialog does not appear. Instead, another dialog appears that states the application can not be opened.

On an intel mac, it works as you described.

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