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I made my game work well in the HTML export on a PC. However, on a mobile phone, i see only the upper left part of the game. Same problem if i load the game in a small browser window.

I have configured stretch mode "2d" and the aspect to "keep". When inspecting the HTML, i found that the #canvas element is always set to the window size i configured in the project settings. How can i scale down to show the whole game on a smaller screen? OS.get_window_size() returns the canvas size, not the actual browser window size, otherwise i could scale the viewport to fit into the actual browser window size.

What is the proper way to make the game scale down to fit into a small browser window?

Godot version 3.3.3
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Is Resizable enabled in the Project Settings?

it is enabled, yes. and it works fine when building the native linux app, i can resize the window and the game scales as expected.

in the web browser, the canvas is fixed size and seems to not adjust to the browser window size.

i will check if the problem is still present with godot 3.4.0, the changelog indicates that quite some improvements have been done.

Try enabling Fullscreen in the project settings and export the project again.

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Ok, i found the answer that makes it work perfectly fine and just as i would have expected. I was looking in the wrong place. This is not controlled in "Project Settings..." but in the dialog while exporting for HTML5. I need to set the option "Canvas Resize Policy" from "Project" to "Adaptive".

And now that I found it, it makes perfectly sense that this is in the export options and not the application options. It is a HTML export specific problem.

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