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I'm using a ZTE Blade A512 (Android 6.0) that I got exclusively for app & game dev.
The GPU is an Adreno 308 which is a souped-up 306 and most definitely supports GLES 2 and 3.
However the built-in toon shader doesn't seem to work and in fact, custom shaders are heavily downgraded as well:
Windows shaders
Android shaders

The shaders are clearly not disabled as the mesh in the background uses a fragment shader to blend the two textures.
NORMALMAP and NORMALMAP_DEPTH seem to be ignored.
Is there anything I'm doing wrong or missing here ?

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First of all many thanks to the IRC channel and volzhs on github.
Under Scene > Project Settings > Rasterizer.android enabling use_fragment_lighting solved the issue.

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Where is this setting in 3.0.2? My guess is this is my issues because the one object with a custom fragment shader isn't showing up while everything else does and I'm going crazy trying to find this setting.

Where is it, me has issue

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