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I am making a Fps and when my character starts wall running it seems to want to stick to the wall. when i try to jump off the wall it still sticks to the wall. how do I fix this

Here is the code:
func processwallrun():
if can
if Input.isactionpressed("uiright") and isonwall():
var collision = get
var normal = collision.normal
var wallrun
dir = Vector3.UP.cross(normal)
var playerviewdir = -camera.globaltransform.basis.z
var dot = wallrun
if dot < 0:
wallrundir = -wallrundir
wallrundir += -normal * 0.01
wallrunning = true
gravity = 10
direction = wallrundir
if Input.is
actionpressed("uileft") and Input.isactionpressed("jump"):
iswallrunning = false
if Input.is
actionpressed("uileft") and isonwall():
var collision = getslidecollision(0)
var normal = collision.normal
var wallrundir = Vector3.UP.cross(normal)
var player
viewdir = -camera.globaltransform.basis.z
var dot = wallrundir.dot(playerviewdir)
if dot < 0:
dir = -wallrundir
dir += -normal * 0.01
iswallrunning = true
gravity = 10
direction = wallrun
if Input.isactionpressed("uiright") and Input.isactionpressed("jump"):
wallrunning = false
gravity = 20

            is_wallrunning = false
            gravity = 20
Godot version v3.3 stable
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