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Imagine I have a scene Soldier which has Sprite, collision shape and sensory area (area2d with another collision shape)

And I want to create a different soldiers with different abilities that need additional nodes in their scenes. For i.e. mortar soldier needs area2d for detect targets that available for attack and smaller area2d for detect targets that are too close for attack.

I can inherite the new Script from Soldier script but I still need to create the new scene with the same nodes + new nodes of this unit.

Is it possible to use inheritance in scenes to reuse the nodes of parent's scene?

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I suggest you look up the Godot documentation for scenes and inheritance. It should have a lot of the information you're looking for! Here are some pages to get you started:

Inheritance of Scenes, per se, is not available, but you can do a lot with what you already have.

It sounds like you should set up the Soldier scene, then make multiple instances of it. In your Soldier script, create a method to change the type of soldier so you can specify what each instance of the soldier should be. For your mortar soldier, have that method create the two new Area2D nodes then add them as children of the soldier. It should also set up the appropriate signal connections for the new Area2D nodes.

Let me know if this helps!

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In Godot, you instance a saved scene as a node into a new scene to inherit it.

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But will the GDScript that inherited from parent's scene GDScript see all parent's components on the same pathes?

This doesn't allow modification of each soldier individually since they still share all the same resources.

I don't understand :(

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