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I made a custom block builder in the world (like a tile map), and all was working good until I added pan to my camera. As I didn´t have any idea how to make it work I followed a tutorial from Kids Can Code to make the pan:

The problem is that now, when the camera moves I can´t get the block at the position of the mouse, there is always a big offset.
The code is simply:

if event is InputEventScreenDrag:
        blockToBuild.position = event.position

But when adding pan, I can´t get the block following de mouse/touch, I tried all this things:

blockToBuild.global_position = event.global_position
blockToBuild.position = get_mouse_position()
blockToBuild.global_position = get_global_mouse_position()
blockToBuild.position = get_viewport().get_mouse_position()
blockToBuild.position = make_input_local(event).position
lastBlockBuilt.position = to_global(event.position)
lastBlockBuilt.position = event.relative

And always happen when moving the camera with the pan. I thing the problem is in this line from the camera (I attached the link):

position += event.relative.rotated(rotation) * zoom.x
Godot version 3.4
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Found the solution, I don´t understand why, but I have to substract not only the camera position, but also the inital position of the camera:

block.global_position = event.position - (Vector2(960,540) - Camera.position)
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I have not tried this myself, but your camera is moving, so it should be at a new position/offset after moving, correct? Have you tried subtracting the cameras position from your mouse position? Maybe thats exactly the offset you are looking for.

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Yes the problem is that the camera is changing the position, I mean I move the camera with pan, I stay the camera in the position where I moved, and there trying to build a block is where I am getting the offset because of the camera position. I already tryed substracting the camera position but the offset is still there. I think I have to do a calculation with the camera position but none of the things that occur to me, like subtracting and adding the camera position is working

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