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I wonder if it's possible to have NoiseTexture use a custom-defined noise instead of OpenSimplexNoise. I tried inheriting OpenSimplexNoise and overriding get_image and get_seamless_image:

extends OpenSimplexNoise
class_name CustomNoise

export var brightness := 1.0

func get_seamless_image(size : int) -> Image:
    var img = Image.new()
    img.create(size, size, false, Image.FORMAT_L8)
    for x in size:
        for y in size:
            img.set_pixel(x, y, Color(brightness, brightness, brightness))
    return img

And it works, kind of, but not actually. I can choose it in editor as a noise source for NoiseTexture and even see the added export value. However, the function calls aren't overridden, resulting in original noise.

I know I could just make a script which creates images runtime, but I'd appreciate the possibility to preview it in the editor. In addition to that, NoiseTexture offers normal map creation, another feature I'd use.

Godot version 3.4.rc3
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