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if I script a top down game and need a separate idle for RIGHT, LEFT, TOP, DOWN how do i set this that i can have the sprite face a certain way after walking then play the different idle animation

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Use AnimationTree, it's an incredibly powerful feature, the best of any game engine imho.

This node gives you numerous methods for handling animations so it takes a little getting used to but from what you describe I would begin by looking at BlendSpace2D. This is like a grid that allows you to position animation points as coordinates, you can then move between the states in a way that corresponds to your character's direction - which, if I understand you right, is exactly what you're looking for.

Official tutorial here:

Excellent video tutorial here:

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I've tried lots of tutorials on Animation Trees and nothing has worked so far can get the jist of it

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I do it with an enum for the Animations:

    WALKDOWN = 0,
    WALKUP = 180,
    WALKX = 90,
    WALKXF = 270,

When the Player moves down he is in the WALKDOWN Animation:

if movement.y > 0:
    G.player_animation = ANIMATION.WALKDOWN

Then I say, when he is in this Animation and the movement is Zero, the Player has to Play the Idle-animation:

if G.player_animation == ANIMATION.WALKDOWN and movement == Vector2.ZERO:
if G.player_animation == ANIMATION.WALKUP and movement == Vector2.ZERO:
if G.player_animation == ANIMATION.WALKX and movement == Vector2.ZERO:
if G.player_animation == ANIMATION.WALKXF and movement == Vector2.ZERO:

I have the player_animation in a Global script because I need it for Scene changing.

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