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I've created and animated a 3d model in blender and manged to import it as a scene.
Is it possible to crop or otherwise split an animation that has extra frames in the Godot editor or do I have to go back to blender to do this ?

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I'm not aware of splitting or cropping in AnimationPlayer (if that's what you are talking about?), you can just add, remove or edit keyframes AFAIK. But I don't have much experience in the 3D part of Godot so I could be wrong.

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Well, I figured it out in the end.

Looks like you can drag-select multiple keyframes.
I deleted the ones I didn't need and dragged the whole selection to 0.
Then, on the timeline, lower the length of the animation to the length needed.

Repeat for any unneeded keyframes located after the interval.

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