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I added in a 3D scene 16 directional light sources. Godot gave the opportunity to add them. But when I in the editor to rotate the scene - Godot crashes. Just took off without warning. Mentioned will fall, and the project if it is to run.

What does it mean? This is a mistake?

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If you manage to reproduce this crash 100% of the time, consider posting an issue on Github with an example project and all steps required to make it crash. So devs can hopefully fix it :)

  1. I have not found information about the existence of the limitations of the light sources. It is?
  2. Am I the only one who encountered this?
  3. In anticipation of Godot 3 in a message on Github makes sense?

I don't know much details about 3D in Godot 2.x, and never tested that many lights.
Even if there is a limitation, a crash is never good.
The whole rendering engine has been reworked in 3.0, so you can also wait for it to be finished and test again with it.

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