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when i connect a PS4 controller to my PC and try to move the character in my game using the keyboard, i get some weird movements, like the character suddenly stops sometimes, and i cant go diagonally at all.
I have tried a switch pro controller as well, with that one it's even worse - its sending tons of random inputs without me pressing anything. so i get the menus in my game constantly opening and closing, stuff like that.
what should i do? to be honest the switch controller always acts weird with pc games but the PS4 controller should be working fine.
I am using windows 10 and godot 3.4.rc2 (though i get the same results on godot 3.3)

Godot version 3.4.rc2
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Does the weird input show up in Windows game controller settings (the dialog that shows button and axis states) or only in Godot? Have by any change set dead zones for you actions to zero?

only in godot. and im not talking about controller input. im talking about keyboard input while having a controller connected to my pc, it messes up the movement for some reason. it works if i disconnect the controller.

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