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Hello every body. As you can see, almost game flow uses level. But I can not find any document about level design in godot. Can you suggest some document about level in godot or some sample projects (A level lasts for 5 second and some codition to lose or pass a level and go to next level)
Sorry for my bad english. Thank you every one.

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That is not bad english. That's not english at all :P

You can download the official demos in here, under Demos projects and tools. I assume that's what you want?

My advice is to do it, don't ask yourself how, just try to get something first.

Design is like 90% engine agnostic, the implementation then may vary or affect some features.

For how to implement ideas/designs, you can look at the demos or at Godot Community Jam projects to see the infinite ways to make something.

@mateusak His Engrish is just OK enough to read.

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