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I have released my game on android and already makesure everything goes well before published. I have played on vivo with 4 gb ram and 3gb ram, everything is ok and no problem. But when i publish it on google console everything is bad
- the game stuck/freeze
- the queue_ free not working well
- raycast2d not respond

My experiment
- Using gless 3 instead of gless 2 is helping to not freeze around 99%
- i use android debugger to check the problem before release and export manually
Is also the same result which everything is ok
- i put label and can be turn to on or off, which make me easier to fix the problem,
I set an variable to an object to world to see if the object is really deleted.
Var object = null<< on world script

On object script i call
fucn process(delta):
If not is
instancevalid(parent.object):<< mean if object null so put object to self
Parent.object = self
If set queue
free << parent.object should be null/deleted object but
The label show that the object is not deleted yet

I don't even know how to fix this, because i couldn't see the error.
I have two warnings on google
- native code(google need symbols.zip which already done)
- obstacle (google need mapping.txt which couldn't i find so i just pass it)
- google show ANR(application not respon when using gless 2
Here this guy help me to fix the warning on google

Godot version 3.3.4
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Ok, so in 2 days I'm reviewing now it's improved by about 80 percent.
I don't think it turns out that the loading bar can help 90 percent.
So, the machine needs time to cool down or think, the length of time to think depends on optimization, maybe my optimization is not 100%, maybe 80%. And indeed optimization takes a long time to get maximum results.
The loading bar position or the background process is not doing anything, or you could say I'm cooling the engine, I'm not too experienced with loading stuff on the background and it turns out that loading plays a very important role in avoiding congestion. And I also can't say 100 percent the problem can be solved by loading, depending on:
- how accurate is the optimization
- coding and instructing the machine to check one by one the objects that are spawned in the arena

I'm sure this can get maximum results
Hopefully with this problem people who are experiencing the same thing can be helped

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