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I want to make a platform that will follow a modular track that I will build out of tiles in the editor, but I'm not sure where to begin. 2D platformer games tend to have platforms like this (Super Mario, for instance). I like the idea of tracks because it visually tells a player exactly where a platform is going, which removes a lot of potential frustration and trial-and-error, but I also feel that it would be a lot easier on myself to build tracks rather than set waypoints for each platform.
Placing tracks within Mario Maker

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The usual way of implementing moving platforms on tracks is using Path2D and PathFollow2D:



This has not related at all with tiles, though. You could paint your platform track tiles just as a visual thing, totally unrelated to game logic, and manually create a Curve2D on your Path2D that matches the layout of the track tiles.

Or you could create a tool script that procedurally creates a tilemap node under the Path2D node filling the correct coordinates with the correct tiles to match the curve. Or you could do the other way around, a tool script that takes the tile coordinates of the tiles of a tile map and create a Path2D out of it.

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I will try to create a tool script that takes the tile coordinates of the tiles of a tile map and create a Path2D out of it, thank you.

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