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I am trying to follow Top Down 2D Shooting in Godot tutorial to make my first game (I've already done the Getting Started in the docs). I ran into an issue right at the start - one line into coding. Tom says at 1:00 that the sprite should be facing right to make the rotation easier to work with. He recommends having the sprite's rotation set to 90 then using the code:

func _process(delta):

His works, but mine is still 90 degrees off.
enter image description here

I figured out I can make it work by adding:

func _process(delta):
    rotation_degrees += 90

But, he explicitly tries to avoid this and I don't want to start off on the wrong foot. Does anyone know what is happening here? I was surprised no one in the comments had this issue.

Here is my workspace:
enter image description here

Godot version 3.3
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The easiest way to handle this is to insert the sprite beneath a parent node and set the sprite's rotation to a fixed 90 degrees. Then do your navigation logic (e.g. look_at()) on the parent node. If you look in the video you reference, this is exactly the setup he has -- a "Player" parent node (controlled by script), with the sprite under it, rotated at a fixed 90 degrees.

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Completely makes sense. Thank you!

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Godot (and pretty much any other software) considers angle 0 to be right-facing. Thus sprites that need to be rotated should be pointing right.

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Oh! To double clarify, do you mean that the actual artwork itself needs to be pointed right? Is this something would do in Godot or would I need to rotate the asset in other software?

Yes, that. Godot does not have image editing tools I'm afraid.

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