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extends MeshInstance

func _ready():
    var player_loc

func _process(delta):

    var player_loc = get_global_transform()

    if Input.is_action_pressed("inp_up"):
        player_loc.origin = linear_interpolate(Vector3(-0.5,0.25,-0.5), delta)
        player_loc.origin = linear_interpolate(Vector3(-0.5,0.0,-0.5), delta)


I want to smoothly move a 3D object from one point to another depending if a key is down or up.

Unfortunately, linear_interpolate() doesn't exist for the Transform class.

How else can I have my object move smoothly?

EDIT: In conjunction with Zylann's answer: if you want to use this code too but you find the interpolation too slow, change each of the deltas in the linear_interpolate()s to delta*25 or some other number, depending on the speed you'd like.

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linear_interpolate is a method of Vector3 because it needs to interpolate between the vector and the other, so you have to write player_loc.origin = player_loc.origin.linear_interpolate(Vector3(-0.5,0.25,-0.5), delta).

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Yep, that worked! Thanks

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