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I want to connect two rigid bodies together using the PinJoint2D node, but I want it to work so that one object only moves if the other is moving, and it moves/rotates the exact same way as that object. Unity has something like this called a FixedJoint, and I want to know if there's a way to implement something similar in Godot.

Godot version 3.3.4
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Idk if Godot has something similar, but can't you just use parenting? Even the Unity docs say that it's just like parenting, but using physics instead: https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/class-FixedJoint.html

We kinda can use parenting to simulate fixedjoint, we can set staticbody2D as the child of rigidbody2D, and the staticbody acts as it is welded to rigidbody2D, but we can't weld rigidbody2D to another rigidbody2D by setting it as the child of rigidbody2D ):

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