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Hello there!
I am new to the Godot game engine and currently I am setting up a player for a 2D platforming game. The player is supposed to have blobby properties and so my plan was to make them a softbody (I am also trying to put a texture on the softbody), however I cannot find a softbody object meant for 2D environments.

Is there something that I am missing, or is there no 2D softbodies in Godot?

(If 2D softbodies are not a thing, is there any sort of workaround?)


Godot version 3.3.4
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A way to make a blob softbody is to make bunch rigidbodies in a ring formation and use DampedSpringJoints to join them together. If it loses it's shape too easily, try adding a central rigidbody with attachments to every other point.
I tried making one from 8 + 1 points by hand, and it works reasonably well, even if coarsely. It was in a following formation:


But I recommend making a script which creates all needed rigidbodies and springs via parameters, otherwise it'll get quickly out of hand.

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Thanks! This is really helpful!

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