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I made a game where you have to shoot balloons. the collision detection is processed via inputevent() . but whenever I pause the game and tap on one of the balloons, the process is just postponed to when I deactivate the pause mode.

How can I fix this?

Here my code to the pause button:

func _on_pause_pressed():

    if !get_tree().is_paused():

    elif get_tree().is_paused():
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There's get_tree().is_paused(), you can check it in the beggining and return if it's false (like you just did to pause it in the first place).

So, like:

func input_event():    
   if get_tree().is_paused():
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Unfortunately that didn't work... I guess that when you pause the game, you automatically freeze all nodes. So in the moment you pause the game, the ispaused() function will always return false inside the inputevent function.

Is there a way to delay the setpaused() function so I can first disable the input before going into paused mode? It seems that when the button is pressed, the setpaused() function is always firing first.

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