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Ok, but I just hit a roadblock.


I replicated the custom chunks made by Codat.

First of all, I need a navmesh to make my RTS thingy (made following Miziziziz's tutorial) work. The units need navmesh to move, but the navmesh cannot manually bake itself and since it is on procedualy generated terrain, I need an automatic baking script.

I tried to find sources on the internet but every answer does not seem to show me how to make an automatic navmesh?

Is there any way to make an automatic script so every chunk has a navmesh that units can travel to everywhere, even on other chunks?

Godot version 3.3.3
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I think it's not possible in 3.x (see this) without basically re-making the feature yourself.
Things have changed in 4.0 but it's not even in alpha yet.

That said you might don't need the exact editor feature for your terrain. If you generate it yourself maybe you can generate the navmesh alongside it.

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