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I'm currently using Animation State on AnimationTree for my 2d character movements, but for my Stop animation (which will trigger when the player run non-stop for 2 secs) I made the BlendTree with BlendSpace2D (which is use for my top-down movements) inside it in order to change the speed of the animation.

Things are great until there are some problematics, I don't know how to explain this clearly, just visual that my character play an animation A, but before the animation A being called, there is another animation B (which in my case is Idle) show up at the opposite direction of the animation A, this phenomenal happen in just a split second, then the animationTree play the animation A as it should be. Here are some images and video if you guys don't understand:

video and images: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/view/jellyfish113

This really annoying me for days and I want to fix this as quick as possible, so please ask me if you guys need more information, really appreciate for the help.

Godot version godot 3.3
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Some screenshots of how your AnimationTree is set up could be helpful for us to spot any possible problems.

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