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# Character look at mouse position
if playerTarget == null:
    rayHit.y = player.translation.y
    player.look_at(rayHit, Vector3.UP)

# Character look at target
    mouseTarget = playerTarget.transform.origin
    mouseTarget.y += 1.5
    player.look_at(mouseTarget, Vector3.UP)
    gun.look_at(mouseTarget, Vector3.UP)

This is supposed to check if the mouse is pointed at an enemy. If so, player looks at enemy, if not, it just looks at the mouse position. Problem is every now and then, when testing the game, i get a null instance error after killing an enemy saying that playerTarget cant be found because its a null. Any ways to fix this?

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This is the only way to check for node, that might disappear during checking or iterating.

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Mind giving a sample. i tried it but gdscript cant find the function.

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