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I've been using neovim + coc for gdscript for some time now. Recently I decided to switch to neovim's native LSP. The gdscript side of things works like a charm. However many neovim plugins do not support gdscript.

So I would like to give C# scripting a shot in Godot but can't seem to get it to work. I've downloaded csharp_ls as per the config.md of nvim-lspconfig and the csharp server is working fine; I'm getting linting errors and basic autocomplete but I can't get it to connect to Godot. Any ideas?

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For anyone interested, the solution is quite simple. Using the williamboman/nvim-lsp-installer plugin, install the omnisharp server and set it up using the options from the CONFIG.md instructions of lspconfig. Then go to ~/.local/share/nvim/lsp_servers/omnisharp/ and change the run script's bin _dir variable to /usr/bin.

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