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Hello, I'm trying to create a random map generator but when i'm trying to instantiate the Node2D that has the required nodes using the instance() function the application just freezes and quits.

Note: The 'PackedScene' that has the nodes is a std::vector<PackedScene*>

This is my code:


void Player::_ready()
    ResourceLoader *resLoader = ResourceLoader::get_singleton();

    this->obstacles = std::vector<PackedScene*>();
    this->obstacles.push_back(cast_to<PackedScene>(resLoader->load("res://Prefabs/Obstacles/Obstacle 1.tscn").ptr()));

The part of the code that triggers the crash:

int selectedPiece = this->random(0, this->obstacles.size() - 1);
Godot::print(std::to_string(this->obstacles[selectedPiece] == nullptr).c_str());

if(this->obstacles[selectedPiece] != nullptr)
Godot version 3.3.4 (Custom version but doesn't have changes in the API)
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