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I'm using RigidBody2D for spaceships, and using Physics2DDirectBodyState's step variable to modify linearvelocity to move the ship. However, I need about 10 000 ships at once in my game, and about 700 of RigidBody2Ds slow my computer to a crawl. So, I decided to use node2Ds for when the ships are too far. The ships would pass through each other, but that's fine by me. However, Node2D only has _process(delta). Using it to move Node2D versions of ships, while RigidBody2Ds use step, is weird. I'm effectively using two clocks, can that introduce problems later down the line? I'm planning to add a feature where you could accelerate time using Engine.timescale, could that have problems? Thank you in advance.

Edit: actually, I should use physicsprocess(delta) instead of process(delta). Does it use the same clock as _integrateforces()?

Godot version 3.3.4
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