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I'm having problems generating a random integer number from 0 to 12.
I'm new to gdscript and game engines in general, but even though the use of the randi() function should be easy, I can't make it work, since writing the following code doesn't work:

    var random = randi() % 13

I printed random and it's always equal to 2.

Can any of you guys tell me what the problem is?

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same sample code work for me :

random: 2
random: 9
random: 5
random: 7
random: 8
random: 8
random: 2
random: 12
random: 11

But yes, if I rerun my game, it return the same suite of numbers, if you want another random suite, you must call randomize() before randi()

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It works, thank you!

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