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In the ready() method, I'm calling method on that is declared in the same script, _changestate(IDLE). The error is saying that my IDLE keyword in the call is out of scope, any ideas?

var state = null

func _ready():

func _change_state(new_state):
    emit_signal('state_changed', new_state)

    # Initialize the new state
    match new_state:

    state = new_state
Godot version v3.3stable.official
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which identifier? is the signal "state_changed" declared in this script or another?

Hello ener,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes! that method changestate() is declared on the same script file.

Also my apologies, I'll adjust the question.

The error is that in the line where changesate(IDLE) is being called. it is saying IDLE is out of scope. I'll edit the question.

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the reason is you named your enum:

enum { A, B }
enum NAMED_ENUM { C, D }

func _ready():
    print(A) # ok
    print(NAMED_ENUM.C) # you have to do this explicitely
    print(C) # out of scope
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Hello Lola,

I see, Thank you for the answer. This worked the moment i updated it like that.

Do you know if there is a section in the documentation that talks about this so I can learn more on it, I haven't been able to find it. I come from programming in C++, C#, and Java, so not naming the enum is new to me.

Thanks again.

Sure! But as you can see there's not that much to it.
Unnamed enums are a shorthand to create a lot of constants.
Named enums in 3.x are dictionaries (no more in 4.0, they've removed the hack) meaning you can do this:

enum MyEnum { A, B, C }

func foo():
    for key in MyEnum:
        print("MyEnum.", key, " = ", MyEnum[key])

Which prints:

MyEnum.A = 0
MyEnum.B = 1
MyEnum.C = 2
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