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When I drag my png file into godot the picture of the sprite won't show up!
Instead it just dissapears without any explanation.
It also doesn't show the picture of the character when you look at it in [FileSystem].
Does it have something to do with the file size?

Can someone please help me with this, thanks.
If you need more information just ask.

Godot version v3.3.2.
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is the picture inside your project folder, when you open it with your file-explorer?

sometimes if you drag and drop files into the editor of godot, it will be saved somewhere else in the project folder. I think you have to select the right folder/directory in the Editor first and then drag&drop a file in it

The image docs says

Note: The maximum image size is 16384×16384 pixels due to graphics hardware limitations. Larger images may fail to import.

Is your image that big?

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