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I don't want to use a video editor like Shotcut.

Godot version v3.3.4.stable.mono.official.faf3f883d
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A user could make a 3D video with the engine. But it requires setting up the animated models correctly, as well as putting the camera in the right spot. The 3D models would probably need to be animated by hand in a modeling program, since model animations like that can't be done in the editor. Also, the user would have to record the animated scene with an outside program like OBS.

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sure, its possible. but as ertaln already said, it would be kind of hard. i would recomend to use a modeling/animating software like blender or maya :D

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with the help of an AnimationPlayer you can animate 3D nodes trough manipulating their properties (position, rotation, scale, color, ...) and add the new values with key-frames to the animation.

Here are some Tutorial's from the documentation. There is a demo with the features which are used by the animation player in Godot. This can be used in 2D and 3D scenes.

You can create with that animations like in-game-cutszenes, but I think you can not export or render these animations as 'video's' to watch it in an external video-player.

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