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Ok. So I have a regular Light2D on my scene. There are parts of the scene that are not lit up by the light and as a result are showered in darkness. This darkness, obviously, is black. I'm wondering if there's any way in which I can make this darkness a different color.

Hopefully I'm explaining myself correctly.

Godot version 3
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You can use a shader to replace the black with a different color.

I'm not very familiar with shaders. Could you elaborate a bit more on how I would go around doing this?

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As it says in the Documentation:

Light is defined by a (usually grayscale) texture, a color, an energy
value, a mode (see constants), and various other parameters (range and

so you should be able to control it by just changing the color in the editor.

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But that changes the color of the light, not the color of the parts that are not lit, which remain black.

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