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So I have a tileset with various objects, let's say I make a single tile of a closet. The things i can set in the editor for the tile i created are: name, normal map, collision shape, modulate, etc.
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my question is how can i add more stuff to that section? like for example if i want to save data i need for when the character interacts with the closet, or data for the clothes i have inside and stuff. is it possible to configure it the same way you add export variables?

Godot version 3.3.3
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Unfortunetely there is no way to do this, at least I haven't found it in GOdot 3.3.
You can create a dictionary variable, with your tiles as keys, and more dictionaries as values. This way You can simulate what Godot does not support, for example

var tiledata = {(0,0) : {"interaction" : ("grass","NPC"),"destructable" : true, "items" : [apple, hat]}, (0,1) : .......................
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