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I know I can check the node parameter Node.visible, but this is useless, if one of the parent nodes becomes invisible. Then all childs are invisivle too, but the flag .visible remains true.


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edited , now it works fine

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Thanks. But I found an other solution. There is a method .is_visible_in_tree() for every node, that shows the current visibility!

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func _ready() -> void:
    # connecting signal and adding nodes as extra arguments so we can check if they are visible
    var _ok = get_child(0).connect('visibility_changed', self, '_on_visibility_changed', [[get_child(0)]])
    # child node connected as [ node, node.parent, parent.parent , ....]
    _ok = get_child(0).get_child(0).connect('visibility_changed', self, '_on_visibility_changed', [[get_child(0).get_child(0), get_child(0),]])

func _on_visibility_changed(nodes : Array):
    var visibility = true
    # check nodes from child to parent and update visibility
    for node in nodes:
        # if any node is hidden it will stop and changes visibility to false
        if node == null: return
        if !node.visible:
            visibility = node.visible
    print( "%s visibility = %s" % [nodes[0].name, visibility])
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