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Hi i seem to encounter this specific type called func

What is it used for?
is it important?

Godot version 3.3.2 stable
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A function is a block of code that only runs when it's called.
You can pass variables to and have variables returned from a function.
if you have some code that you need to run a number of times, instead of repeating the code, you put it in a function and call that.

You code will be a lot neater using functions.

Take a look at this GD Script Functions

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Hi there !
A func is short for a "function".

it's crutial in godot. In fact, it's ont of the most important thing in this engine.

A function is something that you use to tell the engine to do something.

Here is an exemple. if i want my player to die when he touches an enemy. I will create the function die and i will call it when the enemy is touched. Then, all the code that is in my func die will be put to action.

it's a really quick explanation, but I hope it helped a little.

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