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So I am learning how Autotiles work and have a problem with them, they work fine but I just don't know why always in a inner corner there is a different tile than I want.

photo 1

here on the image above this is the tile that I don't want,

photo 2

and here is the tile I want.
Here is the bitmask:
photo 3
How do I change the Bitmask so that I could change the inner corner tile?
I have also tried this bitmask that I found online but It makes it even worse:

enter image description here

Thanks for any response.

Godot version 3.3.3
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That is not enough tiles for a 3x3 minimal bitmask. i think it finds no suitable candidates so it picks the last suitable one it finds, which I think would be the 2nd tile on the 1st row in the bitmask image.

Here is an image of a full 3x3 minimal autotile bitmask:
enter image description here

The 6th tile on the 2nd row would be chosen if you had the full bitmask available. Without a full bitmask worth of tiles you will have to do manual tiling to fill in the gaps.

There is some priority property you can set to chose one tile with the same mask over another but I'm not 100% certain on how to do it so I'll leave the answer open for someone else.

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