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is it possible to save resources that are within another resource? For example I have a save file resource that contains another resource (player inventory) and when I load the save the inventory resource doesn't get saved along with the overall save file. My save file script:

extends Resource
class_name SaveFile

export(int) var map_seed = 0
export(int) var depth = 1
export(Vector2) var grid_pos = Vector2()
export(float) var ang = 0
export(Vector3) var rotation = Vector3()
export(Resource) var attributes = null
export(Resource) var inventory = null
export(Resource) var equipment = null

I create a new inventory (Inventory.new()) during new save file creation and when I load up the game it doesn't seem to save the inventory resource (or any of the other resource exports). Am I doing something wrong or can subresources just not be saved?

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ive had the same question myself.
turns out you just need to use the flag FLAG_BUNDLE_RESOURCES as specified on the docs, because by default the tres/res file will just save a reference to the path of subresources.
so it will look like this:
ResourceSaver.save(path, resource, ResourceSaver.FLAG_BUNDLE_RESOURCES)

also for some reason the opposite load function will not work if you try to cast it like:
var save = ResourceLoader.load(path) as SaveResource which will return null.
so just use duck typing when loading it back.

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Thank you so much, it works!

What do you mean with ducktyping? I can not get any data back from user ResourceLoader.load(path).

dont try to cast it to your save class when loading since for some reason it will break it.

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